He’s been called a genius for his use of expressive typography and is well known for his font Avante Garde Gothic.

Herb Lubalin once said ”You can do a good ad without good typography, but you can’t do a great ad without good typography.” Lubalin gave typography the same importance in his advertising work from the biggest commissions even to gum wrappers.

Unfortunately, Lubalin doesn’t have any specific advice on how to most effectively use typography to convey a message. He claimed it was something subconscious in the mind of a good art director and even went on to say ”the guys who can explain are the ones who can’t do [it] too well.”664adecabb69b9b62fdd1f719daa22ef

For his countless advertising jobs, including logo work he often decided to create his own fonts and handwritten letters because existing fonts didn’t match his vision for the company or product. He created his own type for Sprite’s packaging.

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In the span of thirty years, Lubalin won over five-hundred professional awards for his contributions to the world of graphic design and adverising. Louis Silverstein, assistant managing editor and corporate art director of The New York Times said that Herb Lubalin ”probably influenced the inventive use of typography more than any of his contemporaries.”




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